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Meet Cyndi



I was born in Ohio (my mom was there to pick crops that summer and brought me back to SA in 5 days). I have spent my entire life in San

Antonio. I was raised on the west side near Las Palmas. I am a graduate

of Sunnybrook Christian Academy class of 1993. Soon after I earned my AAS in education from San Antonio College. My life includes my three

grown adult children, 2 dogs, 1 guinea pig, a chameleon, and a dwarf hamster. Professionally I teach the community about retirement, enroll seniors in medicare and can work in healthcare, accident and life insurance fields. I am a licensed financial & health professional in over 17 states. I have been an active leader in my community for over 2 decades. My unique qualifications for running for city council include but are not limited to the following. Currently I am elected as Bexar County management precinct 2 which covers 1/4 of Bexar County.

National delegate #6, Texas delegate, and local precinct chair 2073. I am also a deputized voter registrar in Bexar county.

Why I Decided to Run for City Council

I chose to run for city council because, I am fed up with how our beautiful city has been mismanaged, misfunded, and due the lack of committed

representation for each citizen of district 1 and throughout the entire city. 


My main priorities are to reopen and rebuild and provide San Antonio with economic security, reopen small businesses and the city. Enough with mandates on a whim that keep our city in poverty. District 1 is in dire need to be cleaned up due to the district being the highest in homelessness, and human sex-trafficking. This has been overlooked and ignored to the point that our citizens are not safe in their own homes. Established partnerships to rehabilitate the homeless back into society should be allowed to work along with city officials to keep our neighborhoods safe and also address the homelessness in a humane way. 


My priority is to protect the people, the police department, and fire department and not allow them to take over our city. I support the SAPD and SAFD departments and realize that the ratio to population is not an adequate number to keep our city safe. We need to expand both departments to meet the needs of the city population. Collective Bargaining is vital and necessary to firefighters. I feel it would be inhumane to not allow a firefighter or police officer the right to collective bargaining. Conditions of employment have drastically changed with today's society and culture, We are consistently having to adapt to the needs of the city in our response to everyday crime and safety. The need to be able to negotiate pay, hazardous pay and everyday conditions of being employed, for this type of public service job is necessary..

 No, 174 should not be repealed. I know extremists that are trying to take over our city have tried to sell the idea of repealing chapter 174 as an "accountability bill'' or "fix sapd". The repeal of 174 would be detrimental to our city, to the firefighter and police department. I have  given a platform to SAPOA in front of hundreds to inform the community that they should not vote in support of the repeal of 174. I strongly believe that extremists want to repeal 174 to ultimately dissolve these departments so that funding will be available for their agendas. I publicly support both firefighters and law enforcement. I currently defend and will continue to defend their rights and their rights to collective bargaining.

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