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The Right Choice For a Better San Antonio

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Lets Make a Difference


Ready to Fight for District 1

My name is Cyndi Dominguez,  someone like me is not supposed to make it out of the barrio. I was born to a family of hardworking migrant workers, secretaries and carpenters. We were all raised in the heart of San Antonio. Early on, we learned the strength and hard work it took to overcome the struggle. As children we sold glass bottles, plums, even tin cans. My family has struggled just like yours. As a single mother, my three children were raised in district 1. So for the past fifteen years we have lived in and witnessed first hand that politicians don't care about where we live. Their political paths have raised our property taxes, electric and water bills. This race is about the people v's the politicians.  It is time to break the chains of broken communities in district 1 and throughout our city of San Antonio.

Our small businesses have been economically forced to shut their doors. Banned, barred and dismantled without a choice or their voice being heard. We need to reevaluate the infrastructure of our city, repair and reopen our community, and clean our streets to living standards. I have the courage to stand up for you, for our families, for all people who want the right choice for a better SA. There is not one right answer, nor one right choice, but together we can vote to bring back economic security for our city, security and safety to our neighborhoods, support small and family owned businesses, reclaim the history, art and culture of our city.

I have the courage to do this for you, but i certainly can't do this without you! Vote Cyndi Dominguez for city council district 1!

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